Privacy Policy

Unless previously arranged with a client, all images from a shoot will be delivered to the client at the completion of the assignment and deleted from my computer systems. Intimate Portraits will not keep any copies. If you lose the disks that are furnished at the completion of the shoot, your photos will be gone.
If the client wishes copies to be saved with Intimate Portraits, they will be saved in encrypted form on offline storage. Every effort will be used to secure the physical media. Intimate Photos will for a media replacement fee, replace your media on a best effort basis. That means that while Intimate Portraits will almost certainly have copies of your media, we cannot guarantee it.

At no time will your photos be on any publicly accessible computer without your explicit consent.

While Intimate Portraits makes every effort to keep your images secure, we cannot accept liability if the security of the images are compromised as a result of a criminal act.

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